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Tiny Boyfriends by Ellathebat
Tiny Boyfriends
*tries to make cute thing* *fails*

Jedediah & Octavius @ Night at the museum
Art @ Me

Ever felt like you’ve being chased? No? Well, Octavius certainly did. Not that he really cared, they never had caught him and they never would. Sure, it almost happened 2 years ago, 2 sheriffs ago to tell you the truth. Yes that guy had been a clever man , but not clever enough.
Octavius started robbing and murdering when he was 18 and nobody stopped him. There was nobody to stop him either, him parents died and his friends , Al and Napoleon, where part of his crew. Many people feared this young lad, and because he was feared they respected him and more guys began to join his crew.
Now, 7 years later , Octavius already killed the fourth Sheriff of Vulture Mine and soon there would be a new one that would try to stop him.


It was another hot day in Vulture Mine ,Jedediah Smith walked towards the Mayor’s house, because there had been another robbery this night. Lots of people moved out of Vulture Mine because of the robberies. Every week there were like 4 robberies and/or murders and the people didn’t felt safe anymore.
Everyone knew who this brute bandit was who caused all of this fear, they called him the Stabber because no one knew his real name or refused to talk about it. The Stabber is known for not wearing a gun, but a knife. Some people say he carries a sword, others say he uses a scissor to stab the victim and cut in the stomach.
He never stays in one place for long, but he does stick around Vulture Mine all the time. That’s because the town is known for its gold mines and almost everyone in the town is rich, which makes it even harder for the town’s Sheriff to find out who is going to be the next victim of The Stabber and his men.

It was Jed’s first week as a sheriff, he was very excited but also a bit nervous. He knew what dangers this town was facing and was willing to put an end to it. Of course he knew about the feared bandits that threatened Vulture Mine and it was his dream to lock them up and lead their trial.

When Jed walked by, many people looked at him and whispers things like “Hope this one last longer than the other sheriff.” Or “May God be with him.”
Almost everyone feared that Jed would end up just like the previous Sheriff, Sheriff Johnson. He hadn’t been the town’s Sheriff for long, apparently he wasn’t clever or fast enough to take down the Stabber. Some people just said that he was too old and that he couldn’t handle it because of his age. To Jed that was just bullshit, there was no need to deny the fact that the bandit they were dealing with was a clever guy with strong guys, who followed him around killing people.
It had hit Jed hard when he heard about the death of sheriff Johnson, he was like a dad to him. Now Jed wanted to take revenge and make sure everyone is this town was safe, especially his girlfriend Nancy.

At 11 o’clock in the morning Jedediah Smith walked into the mayors home. Sacagawea, the mayor’s wife greeted him and lead him to the Mayor’s office. Jedediah thanked her , knocked on the door and entered when he heard a voice saying he could come in.

“Ah there you are , Sheriff Smith!” The mayor said when Jed walked in. He stood up and walked towards Jed to shake his hand and lead him to a chair, which stood in front of the large desk.

“I think you already know why you are here, don’t you now? I mean, almost everyone in the town knows about it and that’s not a good thing. They are scared, scared it will happen again soon and that this time The Stabber will kill some more  innocent people or take some of our children!”

“I’ll make sure that won’t happen, sir” Jedediah replied. He meant it, he wouldn’t let this horrible men get away with all of this. He would kill them and get all the stolen gold back to the people of this town. They would see him as a hero and the town would finally live in peace. These horrible events had taken place for 7 years now, it was time it stopped.

“We’re counting on you , Smith! And we’re here to lend you hand when you need us to. For now I can only give you all the information we know about this Bandit and sadly that’s not a lot.”

Mayor Roosevelt opened a drawer in his desk and showed a file that was stuffed with a lot of paper work. It was filled with all the crimes the Stabber had committed, only one piece of paper described more about the person himself and that wasn’t more than 5 lines.
“This is his File. You might think we’ve collected a lot of information about this guy, but unfortunately that’s not true. The biggest part of this folder is filled with his crimes. What we do know is that he is between the 20 and 30 years old, or he is just a good looking guy. He has dark hair and uses a sharp object to kill his victims. He never stays at one place for long, but he sure stays near this town.”

“And his name? Doesn’t he have a real name? I don’t think his mother called him Stabber when she first laid her eyes upon him”. Jed replied one-track. He was told no one in this town knew the real name of this bandit, but maybe the mayor knew?

“Don’t you know the rumors? No one knows and to be honest, Stabber suits him.”

“Ah yeah, it does. Well, thank you for informing me. I will investigate the house where this Stabber guy was seen last. I hope I can find some clues”  Jed  said while he stood up and shook the mayors hand again.

The cowboy greeted the Mayor’s wife as he walked out of the house and made his way to the crime scene. It was going to be a long day.

To be continued...
Stolen Hearts Chapter 1.
Wild West AU or Bandit AU
Ship: Jedtavius
Fandom: Night at the Museum

Mayor: Teddy Roosevelt
Mayor's wife: Sacagawea
The Stabber: Octavius
Sheriff Smith: Jedediah
Some crew members: Al Capone & Napoleon

:star:Hope you like it so far :D
:star:Don't steal this or post it somewhere without giving me credit.
:star:Comment and fave pls.
Octavius Augustus Caesar by Ellathebat
Octavius Augustus Caesar
He is beauty, he is grace, he will punch everyone who hurts Jed in the face.

Art by me
Octavius belongs to NatM (and the roman empire)


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