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First time we met by Ellathebat
First time we met

Jed: “Alright, toga boy.. If you don’t leave right now, my boys and I’ll beat you guys up!”
Octavius: “If that is what you wish for… then we shall fight”
Jed:” May the best man win!”
Octavius: “Oh, I’m sure I will” 

I image something like this happened when these two guys met. 
Hope you guys like it! <3

Art by Me
Octavius & Jed by NATM

This story starts at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. , Octavius just rescued Jedediah from the hourglass and he actually wants to have revenge. Nobody was allowed to hurt his best friend.


The battle was almost over, a few of the enemy were still standing. Ivan and Al Capone were nowhere to be found, possibly still arguing about who was the leader and was the baddest of them all. Napoleon, however, got away from this two. But while he fled, he was attacked by two tiny guys who seemed pretty mad. Napoleon didn’t had noticed that these two guys had climed their way up to his shoulders.  

‘Now you are going to pay for this ’ I screamed. ‘ I won’t let anyone get away with the fact that they have attacked my friend’

I started to stab him with my sword, It didn’t had the effect I wanted it to have, but it seemed successful.  Jedediah, who stood on Napoleon’s right shoulder, did the same. Everything seemed to go as planned but then Napoleon’s hand hit me and I fell of his shoulder on a table which stood near us. I couldn’t breathe for a few second because I had landed on my back. As soon as I heard another bounce on the table , which meant that Jed had lost his fight with Napoleon too, I started to gain my power again. The pain was still there but I needed to be strong for my buddy.

‘You think you can fight me?’ Napoleon sneered while he came a little closer towards the table. ‘The great Napoleon can’t be defeated!’

‘Of course we can take you down!’ Jedediah said when he stood up ‘ You’re not much taller than the table we are standing on!’

These words made Napoleon very mad, He didn’t like it when people talked about his length. He tried to sweep me and Jed of the table, at first we where too fast for him. I guess being tall isn’t that bad after all. But then our enemy did something unexected and Jedediah fell , he was hit and was about to get sweeped off the table, but I wouldn’t let this happen.  I needed to act quick and protect Jed.

‘Jedediah has had enough pain ! I have to protect him, he needs to be save ’ I thought and I ran as fast as I could towards Jed who was about to get hit again.

I knew the consequences of my action, but I would do anything to save my friend, I was even willing to die for him. I ran as fast as I could and jumped in front of Jed and felt how Napoleon’s hand hit me. I felt a great pain run through my body, but it was all worth it, Jed would be save.  I heard Jed yell ‘What are you doing!?’ when  I jumped I front of  him. And the last I heard when I fell of the table was a scream, a scream of the one who I loved the most, the one I felt I needed to protect.  It was like it took minutes to hit the floor , I had felt Jed’s hand, who tried to grap my hand to save me from this fall, but my fingers slipped out of Jed’s.  
Air began to leave my lungs as I hit the floor and my body filled itself with pain.  I felt like dying, and I was pretty sure that I would leave this world very soon.
‘I’ll wait for you…’ I whisperd, but I knew Jed wouldn’t hear me.


I felt Octavius’s fingers slip as I tried to save him from his fall, fear overcame me and tears began to fill my eyes when I saw my best friend hit the ground.  His armor made a awful sound when it hit the cold, hard ground.

‘Noooo!’ I screamed.

I was shocked and sat there for a minute. Then I realized that I wanted to be with him when he would die. Die? He wasn’t allowed to! I ran as fast as I could and climbed down. My worst nightmare had became reality. I was about to lose my dearest friend. Octavius was still laying in the same position. Fortunately I saw he was still breathing, but very weakly.  I sat down next to him and gently touched his face. His eyes were still open and he smiled at me.

‘You’re s-save’ he whispered and he placed his hand on mine.

‘But you aren’t!’ I said frustrated ,  not understanding why he would jump in front of me, just to save me.  ‘why did you do it? Just why?’

‘I –I didn’t want you to get hurt again,  you were almost death when Kahmunrah put you in that hourglass. I just didn’t want you to ex-experience that a-again ‘

‘But now you are hurt… and that.. actually.. hurts me even more ’  I felt my eyes where burning , but I wanted to be strong for the Roman. ‘We both could be laying here… I mean we both could jump off and save ourselves, we would die  but we would be together.’

I saw he was thinking about my theory  but I knew he wouldn’t agree with me. He wants me to be happy and have adventures. But he didn’t know that if he would die, I rather die too.

‘You’re still alive.. that is all that matters f-for me..  It was my discussion to save you ! Because I know, that you would do the same for me…’  Octavius eventually replied. He was right, I would do the same.
Tears began to stream down my face, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Octavius touched my cheek and whipped a tear away. I closed my eyes for a minute and thought about how it would be if this didn’t happen. But I opened my eyes quickly when I heard a moan , I looked at Octavius’s face and saw that his eyes began to close.

‘Oh no! You’re not going to leave me here ! don’t you dare.. I’ll help you! You will get better! I promise, just stay with me , someone will find us and help you! ’. I looked around to see if anyone was near us, but they weren’t.  I began to get frustrated even more, I was about to lose my best friend and none was around. Larry was busy with Kahnumrah, Attila was taking down some French soldiers and dexter was slapping a guy together with a unknown monkey. In other words: too busy to help Jed and Octavius.

‘Remember.. Remember when we first met? ‘ I said to get Octavius attention so he would have more time.

‘Of.. of course I do.. Like it was yesterday. ‘ He smiled , but quickly after that his face was filled with pain again. I knew it didn’t take long and that he really needed help.

‘LARRY!’ I screamed, but he didn’t seem to notice me. I looked back at Octavius and suddenly I was filled with horror. His eyes were closed.

‘No! Octy! Please! You can’t leave me here.. I need you.. You are the only one that truly believed in me and you’re the one who gave me the best memories I have… You truly did change my life ‘ Tears where streaming of my face and my voice turned into a whisper. ‘Please.. come back… who else is going to hold my hand in the big world?’

I heard footsteps, but I didn’t look up. The only thing that catched my attention was the Roman in my arms  who had tried to take my hand as he left this world. At least, I looked like he had left this world.  His eyes were closed and he didn’t respond. I was mad at myself, I could have saved him and I wouldn’t forgive myself.

‘Please wait for me..’ I whispered into Octavius ear when I hugged him for the last time and I gave him a kiss in his hair.

It was quiet for a while, only my sobbing broke the silence and I looked up, almost everyone from our home museum was watching me and Octavius. They looked sad , but didn’t seem to know what to do. Which I understood, because I didn’t even know what to do myself. Larry came closer and sat down next to us.

‘Jed..? I think you have to leave him  now..I’m not sure, but maybe Sacagawea can do something for him’ Larry said to me.

‘No! I will not leave him! I promised!’ I yelled, I knew I didn’t stand a chance against Larry but I just didn’t want to leave my best friend. Larry understood that, but I guess it was better for me to calm down for a bit and talk with someone about the situation.
Just like I thought, Larry picked me up and dragged me away to calm me down.  He started to talk to me on a kind and soft tone, I liked it but I didn’t make me feel better about the situation.

‘It wasn’t your fault, you hear me?’ Larry said ‘It was his decision to protect you, actually, you have to be lucky with a friend like him’

‘I know.. I know.. I just.. I just blame myself because I could have called for help…’
It was quiet for a while, but then I asked: ‘Do you think he really is gone?’

‘I don’t know buddy.. Stay strong! There might be a chance he isn’t death yet’ Larry said comforting ‘I mean, he is a strong guy after all!’
‘You are right…he is the strongest person I know , please.. take me back to him, I promised to take care of him and that I wouldn’t leave him, no matter what.’

Larry picked me up again and brought me back to Octavius. I looked at Sacagawea but I couldn’t see if the situation was good or bad .I knew it was a bad situation, but I really hoped that I would see Octavius with a smile on his face , just waiting for me to return so he could hug me and tell me that he succeeded saving me.  But of course, that was too good to be true. When I came back to he hadn’t moved and his eyes were still closed.
My whole body began to shake and I felt die urge to cream again, but it wouldn’t change a thing. I sat down next to my brave Roman and kisses his forehead.

‘Come back.. ‘ I begged  and I grabbed his hand ’ I’ll hold your hand forever … I won’t let go.. We will face the big world together’

I let my head rest on his armor, and cried again. My face hurts from the tears, but it didn’t really bother me anymore. I could do this all day long. I thought about all the things I wanted to tell him. For example that his smile was beautiful, that he secretly liked it when he talked Italian to him when they were arguing and that he named a dog after him.

‘Was that a proposal?...’ a soft voice said suddenly .

I looked up and my best friend look at me. On his face he had his beautiful smile that I wanted to see so badly
‘O-Octavius?’ I asked in disbelieve and I let go his hand.

‘The one and only’ He replied as he touched my cheek to dry my tears. I pulled him closer to me and hugged him. I felt his hand on my back , slowly rubbing my back to comfort me and he whispered: ‘I’ll never leave you’.

The end.
I'll hold your hand forever - Jedtavius
:star: This story contains YAOI so if you don't like it, don't read it! :star:

This is my first fan fic ever, and was and still am pretty nervous to show this to everyone. 
I hope you like the story :)

~Jed and Octavius are property of NATM.
Princess A. Rose by Ellathebat
Princess A. Rose
I wanted to draw Amy as a Princess, I like how it turned out!

Hope you guys like it <3
:star: Comment and Fave pls :star:
Amy Rose by Sega
Art by Me


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